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dnscrypt OpenWrt Makefile for package building
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You find this package in the new OpenWrt feed : net/dnscrypt-proxy


dnscrypt OpenWrt Makefile for package building, based on Black Roland one (thank you 😄 )

Depends on libsodium. OpenWrt package and Makefile available at

###Build for your platform

  1. Install the OpenWrt environnement :
  2. Use the Makefile of this repo to build your dnscrypt-proxy package. Example :
  3. From the buildroot dir : make package/dnscrypt-proxy/{clean,prepare,configure,compile} V=s


  1. Install libsodium package
  2. Upload the dnscrypt-proxy_1.4.0-1_{PLATFORM}.ipk to your OpenWrt router : scp dnscrypt-proxy_1.4.0-1_{PLATFORM}.ipk root@ip_of_your_openwrt:~
  3. Now remote login to your OpenWrt : ssh root@ip_of_your_openwrt
  4. Remote install the package : opkg install dnscrypt-proxy_1.4.0-1_{PLATFORM}.ipk
  5. Follow configuration instructions :
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