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NodeJS Project for Hacktoberfest 2017
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NodeJS Project for Hacktoberfest 2017

Create a NodeJS server using ExpressJS and other NPM modules, capable of hosting the official Mozilla Campus Club website with API endpoints for core functions. Data storage & retrieval should be conducted via the JSON files stored in the /config directory. You are free to create as many JSON files with structures as needed, however limit each endpoint type (ex: /api/v1/members/...) to a single JSON file (ex: /config/members.json).

Installing Node and NPM

Refer the tutorial here to install Node and NPM on your desired operating system. NodeJS v6 LTS is recommended.

Recommended IDE

The latest version of IntelliJ WebStorm is recommended for this project. Proceed to download (free for students) on JetBrains Products for Learning, or obtain a student license. Install your desired IDE only after installing Node and NPM to avoid configuration issues.

Getting Started

  1. Configure your local machine's SSH keys in your GitHub profile. Follow this tutorial for more information.
  2. Navigate to a directory on your local machine and execute git clone
  3. Enter the the /NodeJS directory and execute npm i to initialize NPM and install the relevant modules


  1. POST - /api/v1/members/register
  2. GET - /api/v1/members/:id
  3. GET - /api/v1/members/auth (i.e. member login, available only for admin members)
  4. GET - /api/v1/members/list
  5. DELETE - /api/v1/members/:id
  6. POST - /api/v1/events/register
  7. GET - /api/v1/events/:id
  8. GET - /api/v1/events/list
  9. DELETE - /api/v1/events/:id

Find instructions for developing the relevant endpoints in the Issues section of this repo.

Debugging and Testing

Use Postman to test the API endpoints.


Refer the Projects section to view the development stages of this application.

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