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Release Notes

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Cucumber-Reports Version 0.0.21

Bug Fixes

  1. Issue35 - Error page now shown on error to produce report
  2. Issue47 - Output tag now rendered in reports
  3. Issue48 - Better Multi-language support for json file parsing

Cucumber-Reports Version 0.0.20

  • lots of improvements around stability

Cucumber-Reports Version 0.0.19

  • designed to work with cucumber version 1.0.8


  1. Embedded Screenshots are now rendered

Cucumber-Reports Version 0.0.14

Bug Fixes

  1. Issue #22 - Fixed the Null Pointer that was thrown when plugin was finding json files that were not feature files
  2. Issue #16 - Extracted Basic Report Functionality


  1. moved the cucumber reporting core to another project:
  2. created a mvn mojo project so you can run the reports from mvn command line: (thanks to remast for the work in this area I borrowed)
  3. added an option in the advanced config to turn off the default flash charts and replace them with javascript charts

Cucumber-Reports Version 0.0.12

Bug Fixes

  1. Issue #17 - Fixed the Null Pointer that was thrown when no scenarios or no steps were present in feature files

Cucumber-Reports Version 0.0.11

Bug Fixes

  1. Issue #15 - Html feature reports were not linked correctly from overview when feature uri was a single word
  2. Issue #12 - Plugin could not continue if step had no result section. Workaround to handle this bug in cucumber

Cucumber-Reports Version 0.0.10

Bug Fixes

  1. Issue #10 - Plugin now works on master and slaves
  2. Issue #8 - Project level link to latest completed build now added on jenkins project page
  3. Issue #7 - Config option to allow Skipped and Not Implemented steps to Fail the build
  4. Issue #6 - Fixed paths on the feature overview which were broken in certain situations


  1. All config is now optional and in the advanced area
  2. Added Not Implemented/pending steps into the reports and graphs
  3. Colour coded the feature report stats table to serve as a legend for the colours on the report
  4. Added a cucumber icon to the project and job level links to the cucumber reports
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