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external OpenID Connect Login to IdentityServer4 with AAD
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Updating Microsoft Account Logins in ASP.NET Core with OpenID Connect and Azure Active Directory

Adding an external Microsoft login to IdentityServer4

Implementing Two-factor authentication with IdentityServer4 and Twilio

This is no longer recommended, removed from code. See history


2019-10-07 Updated to .NET Core 3.0, Angular 8.2.9

2019-05-30 Updated to Angular 8.0.0

2019-05-15 Switched to OIDC code flow with PKCE, updated to Angular 7.2.15

2019-05-14 Updated Microsoft login to OIDC login, updated STS

2019-03-31 Updated to Angular 7.2.11, NuGet packages

2019-02-07 Updated to Angular 7.2.4, ASP.NET Core 2.2

2018-10-28 Updated to Angular 7.0.0, ASP.NET Core 2.1

2018-05-27 Updated packages

2018-05-08 Updated to .NET Core 2.1 rc1

2018-05-04 Updated to Angular 6

2018-05-01 Updated to bootstrap 4, switch to Authenticator

2018-05-01 Updated Identity to use 2FA with TOTP, Angular 5.2.10, angular-auth-oidc-client 4.1.0

2018-02-03 Updated npm and nuget packages, Angular 5.2.3, angular-auth-oidc-client 4.0.1

2017-11-05 Updated to Angular 5 and Typescript 2.6.1

2017-09-23 Updated to ASP.NET Core 2.0

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