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Slack Webhook

Publishes results from a form (contact, etc) to a slack channel.


Step 1: add your incoming slack webhook endpoint in the plugin configuration Step 2: add these two lines in your form process:

- slack:
    body: '{% include ''forms/data.txt.twig'' %}'

See a Contact Page example from the official documentation.

You need to add the slack support wherever your want in the form process.

Please be aware that form processes are computed sequentially, always trigger actions after the captcha verification for security purposes.


Using GPM (preferred):

The simplest way to install this plugin is via the Grav Package Manager (GPM) through your system's Terminal (also called the command line). From the root of your Grav install type:

$ bin/gpm install slack-webhook

This will install the Slack Webhook plugin into your /user/plugins directory within Grav. Its files can be found under /user/plugins/social-seo-metatags.

Manual Installation:

In /user/plugins folder, apply the following command:

git clone slack-webhook

This will clone this repository into the slack-webhook folder.


You can open a new issue if you have any troubles, and I'm reachable on twitter @damien_bry.


Feel free to fork and submit a pull request if you want to upgrade the plugin yourself. All your suggestions are welcome.