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%th Key
%th Value
%td Appliction Url
%td= $app_url
%td Admin Account Name
%td= $admin_acct_name
%td Admin Account Password
.pwd{ style: 'float:left;', data: { pwd: "#{$admin_acct_passwd}"} } *******
.btn.btn-mini{ id: 'show-pwd', style: 'float:right;' } Show
%td Page Title
%td.editable{ data: {name: 'PAGE_TITLE'} }
.editZone= $page_title
%td Application Title
%td.editable{ data: {name: 'APP_TITLE'} }
.editZone= $app_title
%td Application Summary
%td.editable{ data: {name: 'APP_SUMMARY'} }
.editZone= $app_summary
%td Google Analytics Key
%td.editable{ data: {name: 'GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_KEY'} }
.editZone= $google_analytics_key
%td Background Color
%td.editable{ data: {name: 'BG_COLOR'} }
.editZone= $bg_color
%td Appliction Title Color
%td.editable{ data: {name: 'APP_TITLE_COLOR'} }
.editZone= $app_title_color
%td Appliction Title Font
%td.editable{ data: {name: 'APP_TITLE_FONT'} }
.editZone= $app_title_font
%td Mongo Url
%td.editable{ data: {name: 'MONGO_URL'} }
.editZone= $mongo_url
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