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Journal is a minimalist theme for Hugo.

It focuses on improving reading experience with high contrast colors and no fancy effect.

It also uses Highlight.js for the syntaxic coloration of code snippets.

Demo is available here.


Please refer to the Hugo documentation.


A few parameters should be adjusted in the site config:

  description = "Blog meta description."
  githubUsername = "your_gh_username"
  twitterUsername = "your_twitter_handle"
  tagline = "Blog tagline. Shown under index title."
  jobTitle = "occupation"
  company = "the company"
  companyUrl = ""
  key = "0x1111111111111111"
  fingerprint = "0000 0000 0000 0000 0000  0000 0000 0000 0000 0000"
  link = ""

Code highlighting

Both highlight theme and lib can be overridden. Just drop your build in the static/js directory, and the theme file in the static/css directory.
Note that the theme has to be named highlight.css.

Customize styles

sass is required to build the theme css file. If bundler is installed on your system:

bundle install

# test your changes
scss-lint scss/journal.scss

# build stylesheet
sass --scss --sourcemap=none scss/journal.scss static/css/journal.css