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  • Trivial bug fix that was messing with my OCD


  • Can have time range defaults now if no time slot is passed in with the intent. These can be global or per search intent.
  • Can override the default mod input user (splunk-system-user) , and auth with your own user
  • If you specify your own auth user , password can be encrypted
  • Can specify the search namespace( aka app context) , global or per intent, saves having to ask App owners to make everything global.
  • Multiple search result rows now supported , you don't have to do anything , they are magically handled.


  • Hardwired the SSL port to be 443 as currently the Alexa Cloud service does not support using other ports
  • Added support for mapping generating search commands, ie: those starting with a pipe such as "| metadata" , "| tstats" etc..


  • Initial beta release