This is a framework for building Splunk Modular Inputs in Python
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Damien Dallimore
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Splunk Python Modular Inputs v1.0


This is a simple template based framework for building Splunk Modular Inputs in Python

It contains an example HelloWorld Modular Input that you can use as a practical reference to follow.


  • Splunk 5+
  • Clone the repository and setup a project in your IDE ie: Eclipse

Initial setup

In the below instructions , "NAME" refers to the name of your new modular input

  • Copy the "template" directory to the "implementations" directory and rename it "NAME"
  • Set the "NAME" in build/
  • Rename bin/ to bin/

Implementing your new modular input

Browse to the implementations/NAME directory There are several placeholders that you have to fill in

  • README/inputs.conf.spec
  • default/app.conf
  • defaults/data/ui/manager/modinput.xml
  • appserver/static/appIcon.png
  • appserver/static/screenshot.png
  • appserver/static/
  • bin/

The Python script

From step 7 above , this is where you implement your mod input's core processing logic. Again , there are just some placeholders you need to fill in.

  • fill in the "SCHEME" xml string
  • implement the do_validate() function , if you are using external validation
  • implement the do_run() function

Build a release

This will build a SplunkBase compatible release tarball.

  • run the Ant target "build_modular_input" in build/build.xml
  • the release will get written to the "releases" directory
  • copy to $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps , untar , restart Splunk, and test away.


This project was initiated by Damien Dallimore

Twitter @damiendallimore