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The retired theme for my Tumblr-powered weblog, written in Haml and Sass.
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The old and retired theme for [my Tumblr-powered weblog][1], written in
Haml and Sass with a touch of JavaScript.

I'm publishing this project online mainly for my own benefit. Be
prepared to gut and hack this thing if you want to use it for your own
Tumblr weblog; it only supports the small subset of Tumblr's features
that I use, it's a colossal pain in the arse to customise if you're not
me, and I'm prone to making drastic changes on a whim.

Having said that, feel free to browse the code and pinch bits for your
own theme or whatever. This theme uses the [GLYPHICONS][2] icon set,
[HTML5 Shiv][3] and [SelectNav.js][4] JavaScript libraries, and the
[Bourbon][5] Sass library. The theme also makes use of fonts from
Typekit, including Overused Font of 2013 award-winner [Promixa
Nova][6] and [Bello Pro][7].

I can't offer much support, except for maybe saying "good luck".

-- Damien

[1]: <>
[2]: <>
[3]: <>
[4]: <>
[5]: <>
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