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Dotfiles and miscellaneous bits and pieces.


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My dotfiles and utility scripts of varying quality. They’re reasonably well documented and organised, so spelunking is encouraged. Feel free to use whatever you find useful here for your own use.

To get set up:

  1. Use Git to download a copy of the toolbox repository, ensuring that any Git submodules (currently used to manage third-party Vim plugins) are also initialised and updated.
  2. Run the install script in the repository root to create the relevant symlinks in your home directory, and to generate Vim help tags files for the toolbox cheat sheet and third-party plugin documentation.

The install script doesn’t install third-party dependencies as I have Ansible playbooks for that. The Python dependencies listed in requirements-dev.txt are not required to run any of the included Python scripts.

Related projects

  • nt: a note-taking helper application for the command line.
  • snippets: a bunch of reusable snippets and a little doohickey to replace placeholder content.