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So you think you can code, eh?

The Kijiji Development Team has a great challenge for you.

Armed with your JVM language of choice, your mission is to find out the most profitable streets of Toronto in terms of parking tickets (profitable for the city that is).

On its open data portal, the City of Toronto published the complete list of Parking tickets distributed in 2012

Take a look at their explanation spreadsheet to understand the format of their data.

  • Check-out this project
  • Download the 2012 data and extract it into src/test/resources
  • Make the test case pass
  • Run 'mvn package' to create an archive target/kijiji-coding-contest.tar containing your pom.xml and src/main
  • Send this archive by e-mail to before July 31st, 2013 at 11:59pm

You can add any library you want to the pom.xml but don't modify the test class.


1st Prize – 15–inch MacBook Pro with Retina display

2nd Prize – 32GB iPad with Retina display

3rd Prize – 16GB iPad mini

Details on the target environment

We will run the submissions in the following environment:

  • JDK 7
  • Processors: 4 CPU cores
  • Memory: -Xms1G -Xmx1G

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be reviewed by our team and scored based on the following criteria:

  • Readability
  • Efficiency (bonus points for parallel processing)
  • Creativity

Getting your dream job

Kijiji is constantly recruiting talented developers in Toronto.

If you think that a fast paced, fun, quirky company with a startup culture would be a good fit for you, seize the opportunity when you have the attention of the developers, and attach your resume to your email submission. This is not mandatory, and will have no effect on the contest results – but could have a very dramatic one on your career. Kijiji is a top 10 website in Canada, and a property of eBay, Inc., so the sky is the limit on advancement opportunities for those with talent and drive.

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                      .ZZZZZZZZ             ZZZZZZZZ
                     ,ZZZZZZ                   ZZZZZZ,
                    ZZZZZZ                      .ZZZZZZ
                   .ZZZZZ     NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN  ZZZZZZZZ.
                  ZZZZZ.      NNNNNN    NNZZZZZZZZZ.ZZZZ$
                  ZZZZZ       NNNNNN   .ZZZZZZZZ.   ZZZZZ
                  ZZZZ        NNNNNN ZZZZZZZZZN     .ZZZZ.
                  ZZZZ        NNNNNZZZZZZZZNNNN      ZZZZ.
                  ZZZZ        NNZZZZZZZZZNNNN        ZZZZ.
                  ZZZZ       .ZZZZZZZZNNNN           ZZZZ.
                  ZZZZZ    ZZZZZZZZN                ZZZZZ
                  ZZZZZ.,ZZZZZZZZNNN                ZZZZZ
                   ZZZZZZZZZZZNNNNNN               ZZZZZ.
                   .ZZZZZZZ$  NNNNNN              ZZZZZ.
                    $ZZZZZ.                     .ZZZZZZ
                     ,ZZZZZZ.                  ZZZZZZ,
                       ZZZZZZZ$             ZZZZZZZZ
                        :ZZZZZZZZZZZ. .ZZZZZZZZZZZ:
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