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MSc Computer Science dissertation project for Oxford Brookes University
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MSc Computer Science Dissertation for Brookes University

Schema of the final deliverable

Title of the dissertation

A Context-aware infrastructure using Publish/Subscribe for Load-Balancing in Distributed Systems.

The architecture described above is based on 3 parts:

  • A physical network retrieving information using arduinos (Arduinos networks, developed in modified C++, Redis pub/sub).
  • A System layer, distributed and collecting data using either Redis Lists + Publish/Subscribe, or RabbitMQ queue comsumption. The system layer also implement a web server to deliver data to Sinks, using HTTP or WebSocket. This web-server is based on Bottle web framework in MVC. The system layer is entirely developed in Python. ( MongoDB, Bottle, Monkey, Redis, Rabbit-pika, pytest..)
  • The Web server renders HTML pages linked with KnockoutJS.
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