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My updates on the module WindowsAutopilotIntune

alt text

More cmdlet for the Windows Autopilot Intune module

You will first to install the original module from MS from the PowerShell Gallery: install-module WindowsAutopilotIntune

The repo is composed of one script: WindowsAutopilotIntune_Updates.ps1: Cmdlets I added in the existing module

In this file I added the below functions:

  • Set-AutopilotProfile: Change deployment profile options
  • Remove-AutoPilotProfile: Remove a Deployment Profile
  • Add-AutoPilotProfile: Create a Deployment Profile
  • Set-AutoPilotProfileAssignedGroup: Assign a group to a Deployment Profile
  • Remove-AutoPilotProfileAssignedGroup: Remove a group from a Deployment profile
  • Get-AutoPilotProfileAssignedDevice: List assigned devices for a Deployment Profile
  • Get-AutoPilotProfileAssignments: List assigned groups for a Deployment Profile
  • Add-EnrollmentStatusPage: Create an Enrollment Status Page
  • Get-EnrollmentStatusPage: List Enrollment Status Page
  • Set-EnrollmentStatusPage: Change Enrollment Status Page option
  • Remove-EnrollmentStatusPage: Remove an Enrollment Status Page

If you want to add test or add those functions, add part from the second file in the WindowsAutopilotIntune.ps1 file from the module.

/!\ Those functions are not official, I added them in my own environment; don't hesitate if you have any feedback.

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