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(:require [damionjunk.nlp.stanford :as nlp]
[damionjunk.nlp.cmu-ark :as ark]
[clojure.string :as s]
[cheshire.core :as json]
[ :as log]
[clojure.core.async :as async]))
(defonce running? (atom true))
;; Data collection atoms:
(defonce sentities (atom {}))
(defonce arknouns (atom {}))
;; Async Processing chain:
;; text -> JSON -> CoreNLP -> ???
(defonce t-text-in-chan (async/chan))
(defonce t-json-out-chan (async/chan))
(defonce t-annotated-out-chan (async/chan))
;; Don't bother using CoreNLP to process known non-english tweets.
(defn english? [{lang :lang}] (or (nil? lang) (= lang "en") (= lang "und")))
(defn annotate-tweet
(let [tid (:id tweet)
uid (:id (:user tweet))
uname (:name (:user tweet))
text (:text tweet)]
(when (and (not (nil? text)) (english? tweet))
(let [smaps (nlp/sentiment-ner-maps text)]
{:sentiment-ner smaps
:ark (ark/tag text)
:uid uid
:tid tid
:uname uname
:tweet text}))))
(defn process-to-json [line] (json/parse-string line true))
;; Async Workers and Worker Utils
(defn start-text-consumers
(dotimes [_ n]
(while @running?
(let [line (async/<!! t-text-in-chan)
jdata (process-to-json line)]
(async/>!! t-json-out-chan jdata))))))
(defn start-json-consumers
"Starts N consumers who will eat JSON and annotate with the Stanford NLP."
(dotimes [_ n]
(while @running?
(let [jdata (async/<!! t-json-out-chan)
adata (annotate-tweet jdata)]
;; Annotate, and write to the annotated channel.
(when adata (async/>!! t-annotated-out-chan adata)))))))
(defn entities-mfn
"A mapping function that maps to sequences like:
({:sentiment 2,
:text \"Google it.\",
:tokens ({:pos \"NNP\", :ner \"ORGANIZATION\", :token \"Google\"}
{:pos \"PRP\", :ner \"O\", :token \"it\"}
{:pos \".\", :ner \"O\", :token \".\"})})
Returns a sequence of maps like:
({:sentiment 2 :entity \"Google\"} ... )
(let [toks (:tokens smap)]
(keep identity (map (fn [{ner :ner t :token}]
(when (or (= "ORGANIZATION" ner) (= "PERSON" ner))
{:sentiment (:sentiment smap) :entity t}))
(defn nouns-filter-pred
"A nouns predicate that looks for CMU's POS tags that
indicate whether the token is a noun or not."
(case (:pos annotation)
"N" true
"^" true
"S" true
"Z" true
(defn start-annotated-consumers
"Does something with the 'Annotated' tweets we've generated."
(dotimes [_ n]
(while @running?
(let [adata (async/<!! t-annotated-out-chan)
smaps (:sentiment-ner adata)
entities (mapcat entities-mfn smaps)
anouns (filter nouns-filter-pred (:ark adata))]
(doseq [an anouns]
;; update the `anouns` atom/map
(let [noun (s/lower-case (:token an))]
(if (nil? (get @arknouns noun)) (swap! arknouns assoc noun 1)
(swap! arknouns update-in [noun] inc))))
(doseq [se entities]
;; update the `sentities` atom/map
(let [ek (:entity se)
se (dissoc se :entity)
se (assoc se :count 1)]
;; Update the `sentities` atom map by + merging the modified `se`
;; map which contains the sentiment and a count so we can track
;; entity frequency, and average sentiment surrounding the
;; entity.
(swap! sentities update-in [ek] (partial merge-with +) se))))))))