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use strict;
use warnings;
use File::Path qw(make_path);
opendir(my $dh, ".") || die "can't opendir: $!";
for my $f (readdir($dh)) {
next unless -d $f and $f =~ /^[a-z]$/;
opendir my $ddh, $f or die "Couldn't open inside dir: $!";
for my $back (readdir($ddh)) {
next unless $back =~ /\.jpg$/;
my ($two) = $back =~ /^([a-z]{2})/;
my ($name) = $back =~ /^(.+?)\-1920/;
print "two: $two", "\n";
print "name: $name", "\n";
# print "$f/$two\n";
unless (-d "$f/$two/$name") { make_path "$f/$two/$name" }
rename "$f/$back", "$f/$two/$name/$back";
print $back, "\n";
print $f, "\n"