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Perl bindings for the Facebook Messenger API

This is currently a work in progress to implement the Facebook Messenger API for friendly Perl usage :)

So far this is a quick example of what you can build:

The source code for that example is on the example here.

But basically the interface should be super simple and clean with something like this:

use Facebook::Messenger::Bot;

my $bot = Facebook::Messenger::Bot->new({
	access_token   => '...',
	app_secret     => '...',
	verify_token   => '...'

$bot->register_hook_for('message', sub {
	my $bot = shift;
	my $message = shift;

	my $res = $bot->deliver({
		recipient => $message->sender,
		message => { text => "You said: " . $message->text() }

$bot->register_hook_for('postback', sub {
    my $bot = shift;
    my $postback = shift;

    # ... do things here


The actual spinning, you can hook up to whatever framework or application that supports PSGI/Plack, with something like:

> plackup -S Starman make your webhook accessible to Facebook with whatever method you feel most comfortable with :)

This work is mildly and loosely based on this.


David Moreno.

This is massively incomplete anyway

Thanks for looking :)