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OWASP Enterprise Security API (ESAPI) for ColdFusion/CFML Project

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OWASP Enterprise Security API (ESAPI)

OWASP ESAPI for ColdFusion/CFML Project

License: BSD license

Purpose: ESAPI (The OWASP Enterprise Security API) is a free, open source, web application security control library that makes it easier for programmers to write lower-risk applications. The ESAPI libraries are designed to make it easier for programmers to retrofit security into existing applications. The ESAPI libraries also serve as a solid foundation for new development. Allowing for language-specific differences, all OWASP ESAPI versions have the same basic design:

  • There is a set of security control interfaces. They define for example types of parameters that are passed to types of security controls.
  • There is a reference implementation for each security control. The logic is not organization‐specific and the logic is not application‐specific. An example: string‐based input validation.
  • There are optionally your own implementations for each security control. There may be application logic contained in these classes which may be developed by or for your organization. An example: enterprise authentication.

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v1.0.3a - 2013-10-18

  • fixed SafeSession#getAttributeNames exception 'hasNext' not defined
  • ValidateErrorList#errors() was not returning an array
  • [Issue #20] none of the AccessController unit tests were passing - all now pass for all supported CFML versions
  • Railo 4.1 compatibility - with and without Null support

v1.0.2a - 2013-09-13

  • fixes due to issues found in some real world testing
  • [Issue #35] DefaultSecurityConfiguration exception "Complex object types cannot be converted to simple values." Line 265
  • [Issue #30] getValidDate returntype is 'String' - should allow for Date or empty string
  • [Issue #37] getSecurity method needs to be public
  • [Issue #36] SafeRequest - HTTPParameterName and HTTPParameterValue had hard-coded maxlengths
  • fixed undefined value error in SafeRequest.getHeader

v1.0.1a - 2013-09-02

  • fixes due to issues found in some real world testing
  • [Issue #32] FileBasedAuthenticator#login - try/catch around isSecureChannel that will never catch
  • [Issue #33] DefaultValidator#assertIsValidHTTPRequest - error cookie.getValue(), should be httpCookie variable
  • [Issue #34] setResourceDirectory value not being picked up
  • [Issue #27] Get valid test cases for 'IntegerAccessReferenceMapTest'

v1.0.0a - 2013-08-19

  • Initial alpha release
  • Majority feature complete
  • file upload validation not completed (see Issue 22)

Outstanding unit tests not passing

  • Railo4: 10 failures; 71 errors (see Issue 28)
  • CF10: 11 failures; 7 errors
  • CF9: 11 failures; 7 errors
  • CF8: 8 failures; 8 errors
  • Still requires real-world testing
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