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warn coders to use dist zilla

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dams committed Jan 15, 2011
1 parent 831f99f commit a59ad1a7b988b6b4c620f3f61af251dc094eee75
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@@ -24,6 +24,21 @@ WriteMakefile1(
sub WriteMakefile1 { #Written by Alexandr Ciornii, version 0.21. Added by eumm-upgrade.
+ print STDERR "
+WARNING ! This $0 file is provided just for lazy developers to
+quickly build this module directly from source, and hack it. However this
+module is managed by Dist::Zilla. Serious developers should install
+Dist::Zilla, and issue 'dist help' to see how to build and develop it properly.
+Especially, build/test/install requires are not properly set in this
+Contact the author if you need more help.
+Now sleeping 10 secs so you get bored and go install Dist::Zilla :)\n\n";
+ sleep 10;
my %params=@_;
my $eumm_version=$ExtUtils::MakeMaker::VERSION;
$eumm_version=eval $eumm_version;

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