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@@ -200,6 +200,14 @@ There has been some comments about using `=` instead of `//` or `||` or
considered somehow the default (ha-ha) syntax. I think it's worth sticking with
`=` for an easier learning curve for newcomers.
+## Class and method traits ##
+**UPDATE**: Similarly to attributes, classes and methods can have traits. I
+won't go in details to keep this post short, but you can make a class abstract,
+change the default behaviour of all its attributes, make it work better with
+Moose, etc. Currently there is only one method trait to allow for operator
+overloading, but additional ones may appear shortly.
## Methods parameters ##
When calling a method, the parameters are as usual available in `@_`. However
@@ -466,6 +474,12 @@ However, a lot of third-party modules _assume_ that your objects are blessed
HashRef. So when switching to p5-mop, a whole little ecosystem will need to be
+**UPDATE**: ilmari pointed out in the comments that there is a class trait
+called <code>repr</code> that makes it possible to change the way an instance
+is implemented. You can specify if an object should be a reference on a scalar,
+array, hash, glob, or even a reference on a provided CodeRef. This makes p5-mop
+objects much more compatible with the OO ecosystem.
# Now, where to ?
Now, it's your turn to try it out, make up your mind, try to port an

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