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+This is going to be a short post. I'm the new maintainer of
+[](, the most used Redis Perl client.
+Pedro Melo was the previous maintainer, but due to Real Life, he is unable to
+continue. I'd like to thank him for all his efforts so far in maintaining and
+improving this module. I hope I'll be able to achieve the same level of
+quality. Pedro will actually stay around for a while, watching over my
+shoulder and giving his opinions about stuff, to allow for a smooth transition.
+We've used this maintainership change to improve the tools we use around this
+project. So we've moved the code to the github's
+[PerlRedis]( organization (notice the cool logo),
+and I've performed quite a few code cleanups and housekeeping.
+But the big thing is the creation of a mailing list, that aims at gathering
+forces around Redis support in Perl. It's
+[located here](, and
+hosted by the good folks at [ShadowCat Systems Limited](
+(thank you guys).
+It is not limited to the module: any Perl related Redis topic is
+welcome, including other Perl clients. So if you have any interest in Perl and
+Redis, feel free to [subscribe]( !

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