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@@ -21,27 +21,3 @@ Stevan Little says:
> instead we want to put a minimal and less opinionated MOP in the core that is
> capable of hosting something like Moose
-As far as I understood, after a first attempt that failed, Stevan Little
-restarted the p5-mop implementation: the so-called p5-mop-redux
-[github project](, using
-[Devel::Declare](, ( then
-[Parse::Keyword]( ), so that he can
-experiment and release often, while keeping the implementation core-friendly.
-Once he's happy with the features and all, he'll make sure it finds its way to
-the core. A small team (Stevan Little, [Jesse Luehrs](, and
-other contributors) is actively developping p5-mop, and Stevan is regularly
-[blogging about it](
-If you want more details about the failing first attempt, there is a bunch of
-backlog and mailing lists archive to read. However, here is how Stevan would
-summarize it:
-> We started the first prototype, not remembering the old adage of "write the
-> first one to throw away" and I got sentimentally attached to my choice of
-> design approach. This new approach [p5-moop-redux] was purposfully built with
-> a firm commitment to keeping it as simple as possible, therefore making it
-> simpler to hack on.
-> Also, instead of making the MOP I always wanted, I approached as building the
-> mop people actually needed (one that worked well with existing perl classes,
-> etc)

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