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package o;
# ABSTRACT: syntactic sugar to make Mo one-liners easier
use strict;
use warnings;
my $package;
sub import {
$package = $_[1] || 'Class';
use Filter::Simple sub { s/^/package $package;\nuse Mo;\n/; }
# create a Mo class on the fly ...
perl -Mo=Foo -e 'has bar => ( default => sub { q[baz] } ); print Foo->new->bar' # prints baz
=head1 DESCRIPTION is a simple source filter that adds
C<package $name; use Mo;>
to the beginning of your script and was entirely created because typing
C<perl -e'package Foo; use Mo; ...'> is annoying.
o provides exactly one method and it's automatically called by perl:
=over 4
=item B<import($package)>
Pass a package name to import to be used by the source filter. The
package defaults to C<Class> if none is given.
You will need L<Filter::Simple> and eventually L<Mo>
None reported. But it is a source filter and might have issues there.
=head1 BUGS
See L<Mo/BUGS> for details on reporting bugs.