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package Moo::Lax;
#ABSTRACT: Loads Moo without turning warnings to fatal.
With the release of L<Moo> version 2, C<use Moo> no longer imports
L<strictures> by default and therefore warnings are not fatalised unless
an explicit C<use strictures> is added to the code.
As such, this module is no longer required - simply update your dependency
on Moo to version 2 and switch back to plain C<use Moo> in your classes.
Thus, as per version 2.00, this module simply requires L<Moo> version 2.
By default Moo turns all warnings to fatal warnings. C<Moo::Lax> is exactly the
same as C<Moo>, except that it doesn't turn all warnings to fatal warnings in
the calling module.
# instead of use Moo;
use Moo::Lax;
our $VERSION = 2;
use Moo 2 ();
use Import::Into;
sub import { Moo->import::into(caller, @_); return }
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Leon Timmermans
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Olivier Mengué