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What is this stuff ?

I was in the process of migrating my blog from to

Jekyll is missing an import script to import blog entries from Typepad, and I couldn't find anything related on the Internet. Well, I searched for less than 5 minutes, then I thought it'd be quicker to do itmyself. So here we are.

typepad_to_jekyll is a script to import blog entries previously exported from typepad.

What it does

typepad_to_jekyll imports typepad blog entries (not the comments) from typepad into your jekyll directory, under the _posts directory.


You need perl, and a platform where it runs. So that's pretty generic.

You also need a jekyll directory. But if you don't have that, I don't know why you are bothering anyway...


Export your blog entries from typepad

  • Log on, go to your typepad blog admin page, then in the Settings tab

  • Click on Import/Export pane (bottom left), and export your blog. It should produce a txt file, called something like Unnamed_Comet_Asset.txt.

  • Download the file and rename it to, say, typepad_export.txt.

Download and run typepad_to_jekyll

  • run typepad_to_jekyll like this :

    perl ./typepad_to_jekyll path/to/typepad_export.txt  path/to/jekyll/directory
  • that's it !