A very simple component to use the Sendgrid API inside CakePHP
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Sendgrid API accepts an array of addresses
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Sendgrid CakePHP component

Copyright 2011, Damien Varron Licensed under The MIT License Redistributions of files must retain the above copyright notice.


Written for CakePHP 1.3+


Add the following lines to your core configuration file with your own credentials:

Configure::write('Sendgrid.username', 'your@email.com');
Configure::write('Sendgrid.password', 'yourpassword');


This component extends the base CakePHP email component, and works virtually the same.

Place the sendgrid.php file in your app/controllers/components/ folder.

In your controller, make sure the component is available:

public $components = array('Sendgrid');   

Then, simply send messages like this:

$this->Sendgrid->delivery = 'sendgrid';
$this->Sendgrid->from = 'sender@domain.com';
$this->Sendgrid->to = 'recipient@domain.com';
$this->Sendgrid->subject = 'this is the subject';
$messageBody = 'this is the message body';

The syntax of all parameters is the same as the default CakePHP email component:


For more information, see the Sendgrid API documentation:



You can see the response from Sendgrid in the return value when you send a message:

$result = $this->Sendgrid->send($messageBody);
$this->log($result, 'debug');