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a shell script that prepares a directory for MediaWiki-Vagrant
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MediaWiki-Vagrant prep

a shell script that prepares a directory for MediaWiki-Vagrant.

the script is intended to prepare a directory for use with MediaWiki-Vagrant. using config values in bin/ it will:

  • clone vagrant into PROJECT_DIR/vagrant
  • if needed, add VAGRANT_BOX_NAME to the available Vagrant boxes
  • clone or git pull mediawiki core into MW_CORE_DIR/core
  • copy MW_CORE_DIR/core into PROJECT_DIR/vagrant/mediawiki
  • update PROJECT_DIR/vagrant/puppet submodules
  • setup PROJECT_DIR/vagrant



note: you may need to run these commands with sudo if your user doesn’t have write permission in the /usr/local directory

  1. clone this project into a directory where you like to store applications; e.g. /usr/local/opt
  2. add execute permissions to the file
  3. symlink to that file in the /usr/local/bin directory
git clone -o github /usr/local/opt/mw-vagrant-prep
chmod +x /usr/local/opt/mw-vagrant-prep/
ln -s /usr/local/opt/mw-vagrant-prep/ /usr/local/bin/prep-mw-vagrant


  1. copy the file to
  2. alter the contents as necessary.
cp /usr/local/opt/mw-vagrant-prep/bin/ /usr/local/opt/mw-vagrant-prep/bin/
nano /usr/local/opt/mw-vagrant-prep/bin/


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