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Do you have favourite scripts that go forgotten?

Does your organisation have scripts that would be useful to frontline staff who are not comfortable with the command line?

This module uses a CSV file to make a graphical menu of PowerShell scripts.

It's easy to customise and fast to launch.

You can also add Windows programs and files to the menu.

Just a few minutes to setup and - click! click! - you're away!

Try it out


Looking for a step-by-step introduction? See this blog post.

Install from the PowerShell Gallery

Install-Module PSScriptMenuGui -Scope CurrentUser
cd PSScriptMenuGui_example

Clone from GitHub

git clone
cd PowerShell-Script-Menu-Gui\PSScriptMenuGui\examples

Problems and feedback

How are you finding the module? Is it useful? (Please share a screenshot!)

Are you stuck? Do you want a feature?

Please open a GitHub issue or get in touch. - follow me for updates!


Tested with PowerShell 5.1 x64 and PowerShell 7 x64 on Windows 10.

Basic usage

Show-ScriptMenuGui -csvPath '.\example_data.csv' -Verbose

Show-ScriptMenuGui options

Parameter What is it?
-csvPath Path to CSV file that defines the menu. See CSV reference, below.
-windowTitle (optional) Custom title for the menu window
-buttonForegroundColor (optional) Custom button foreground (text) color. Hex codes (e.g. #C00077) and color names (e.g. Azure) are valid. See .NET Color Class.
-buttonBackgroundColor (optional) Custom button background color
-iconPath (optional) Path to .ico file for use in menu
-hideConsole (optional) Hide the PowerShell console that the menu is called from. Note: This means you won't be able to see any errors from button clicks. If things aren't working, this should be the first thing you stop using.
-noExit (optional) Start all PowerShell instances with -NoExit ("Does not exit after running startup commands."). Note: You can set -NoExit on individual menu items by using the Arguments column. See CSV reference, below.

See PSScriptMenuGui_all_options.ps1 for an example using every option.

CSV reference

This table details how to lay out the CSV file for your menu.

The top row of your CSV should contain the column headers. Each row after this defines a menu item.

Column header What is it?
Section (optional) Text for heading
Method What happens when you click the button? Valid options: cmd | powershell_file | powershell_inline | pwsh_file | pwsh_inline
Command Path to target script/executable (cmd or _file methods) or PowerShell commands (_inline methods)
Arguments (optional) Arguments to pass to target executable (cmd method) or to the PowerShell exe (other methods)
Name Text for button
Description (optional) Text for description

Some examples

Section Method Command Arguments Name Description
Old school cmd taskmgr.exe Example 2: cmd External executable
Old school cmd notepad.exe example_text_file Example 3: cmd External executable with arguments
Less old powershell_file example_target.ps1 Example 4: powershell_file .ps1 file called with powershell.exe
Less old powershell_inline $PSVersionTable -NoExit -WindowStyle Maximized Example 6: powershell_inline Additional powershell.exe arguments
The future pwsh_file example_target.ps1 Example 7: pwsh_file .ps1 file called with pwsh.exe
The future pwsh_inline & .\example_target.ps1 -Message "passed in via param" Example 9: pwsh_inline .ps1 file called with parameter

See example_data.csv for further examples in CSV format.


  • Relative paths, network paths and paths in your environment should work.
  • <LineBreak /> is supported in text fields.
  • You can add multiple _inline commands by separating with a semi-colon (;)
  • Excel makes a good editor!
  • But watch out for Excel turning e.g. -NoExit into a formula. Best workaround is to prefix with a space.


Make a graphical menu of PowerShell scripts with a CSV file. Easy to customise and fast to launch.







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