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Make and Install:
cabal install --prefix=INSTALL_LOCATION dropsolve.cabal
Usage: dropsolve DROPBOXDIR
Runtime options:
Take File (NUM) => By pressing a digit, the conflicting file with the
digit NUM is used as the new version. A copy of the
current file and the other conflicting files is put
into the trash directory (TRASHDIR).
Move to (T)rash => By pressing 'T' or 't', all conflicting files are
moved into the trash directory (TRASHDIR).
Show (D)iff => By pressing 'D' or 'd', the difference between the first
and the second conflicting file is shown. The diff tool
can be specified by the user by setting the environment
variable 'DROPSOLVE_DIFF'. The default diff tool is 'gvimdiff -f'.
(S)kip => By pressing 'S' or 's', the current conflict is skipped
and the next one is shown.
(Q)uit => By pressing 'Q' or 'q', the application is quit.
(H)elp => By pressing 'H' or 'h', this help is printed.