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<title>Dan Benjamin</title>
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<p class="figure"><a href="">Photo © 2011 Bill Wadman</a></p>
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<h1>Dan Benjamin</h1>
<h3><a href="">5by5</a> &bull; <a href="">Big Week</a> &bull; <a href="">Hivelogic</a> &bull; <script type="text/javascript">
var x="function f(x){var i,o=\"\",l=x.length;for(i=0;i<l;i+=2) {if(i+1<l)o+=" +
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"=};acct(h)e}{f}roi(l=1-i;=>;0-i)-o{=+.xhcratAi(;)r}teru n.oussbrt0(o,)l};(f" +
")\\\",3\\\"\\\\RXIZ`}s<6g903:02\\\\\\\\vk17\\\\0<\\\\=8$.)#\\\\tj\\\\)'03\\" +
"\\XjP[34\\\\0R\\\\HYAA]IACEh7B03\\\\\\\\WKHNrAA<}!77\\\\1k\\\\7p)w;6}|{u7g1" +
"7\\\\\\\\%{g~jmfsgk\\\"\\\\f(;} ornture;}))++(y)^(iAtdeCoarchx.e(odrChamCro" +
".fngriSt+=;o27=1y%2;*=)yy)3+>((iif){++;i<l;i=0(ior;fthnglex.l=\\\\,\\\\\\\"" +
"=\\\",o iar{vy)x,f(n ioctun\\\"f)\")" ;
</script> &bull; <a href="" title="Follow Dan Benjamin on Twitter">Twitter</a> &bull; <a href="" title="Follow Dan Benjamin on Google+">Google+</a> &bull; <a href="" title="Follow Dan Benjamin on Facebook">Facebook</a> &bull; <a href="" title="Dan Benjamin on Mlkshk">Mlkshk</a> &bull; <a href="" title="Follow Dan Benjamin on Flickr">Flickr</a></h3>
<p>Dan is a broadcaster, screencaster, writer, software developer, designer, and entrepreneur.</p>
<p>He is the founder of <a href="">5by5 Studios</a>, an Internet broadcasting network where he hosts a <a href="">handful of shows</a> with people like John Gruber, Merlin Mann, and Jeffrey Zeldman.</p>
<p>Dan is the author of <a href="">Hivelogic</a> and has written for <a href="">A&nbsp;List&nbsp;Apart</a> and <a href="">O&#8217;Reilly</a>. Many of Dan's screencasts live at <a href="">PeepCode</a>.</p>
<p>He created the <a href="">Email Address Enkoder</a>, Co-Founded <a href="">Cork&#8217;d</a> and founded <a href="">Playgrounder</a>. The latter two have since been acquired by Gary Vaynerchuk and Uncrate, respectively.</p>
<p>For almost two decades, Dan has created publishing tools including those which power <a href="">A&nbsp;List&nbsp;Apart</a> and <a href="">5by5</a>.</p>
<p>Dan is a Buddhist in the <a href="">Theravada Tradition</a>, and has a daily <a href="">Vipassana meditation</a> practice.</p>
<p>Dan lives in <a href=",+tx&aq=&sll=30.360843,-97.727312&sspn=0.015071,0.021265&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Austin,+Travis,+Texas&z=11">Austin, Texas</a> with his wife and their two children.</p>
<div class="clear"></div>
<p id="footer">Copyright © 2000-2012 Dan Benjamin. All Rights Reserved.</p>
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