Parallax Webpage displaying the Notice of Privacy Practices for Health Plans & Providers. Developed by Daniel Forrest, Washington, D.C.
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/******************************* Digital Privacy Notice *******************************/ This website is using a parallax effect to achieve different scroll speeds of elements against their backgrounds. It does this using a couple JavaScript libraries, HTML, and CSS. There are very few actual files in this solution and images can be easily swapped by simple editing of the style.css file along with the other html files that contain all the privacy practice text. Enjoy!

-Daniel Forrest


These page uses the following jQuery plugins:

-Stellar.js -Waypoints -jQuery Easing Plugin

CSS: -Google Fonts

-Images taken from:

/******************************* INSTRUCTIONS *******************************/

Providers should customize the following files: -HCP File: NPP_HC.html (HCP) -Health Plan File: NPP_HealthPlan.html (Health Plan) -css/style.css

Some notes on editing text:

-To add another list item, enclose your text in

  • text content
  • -To add regular text, enclose text in

    -links can be added using Text -CTRL-F/command+F to find Effective Date & replace the text.

    Logo: -Find the logo section of each html page and input any text you'd like. The image can be edited in style.css -Open style.css from within the css folder and find ".logo" -From there, you will be able to add your own specific image. Please place your image in the images folder prior to

    If errors occur with implementation, please contact: