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Notes on PHP RFCs, and topics that occur repeatedly on PHP internals
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PHP codex

The project has 3 parts:

  • RFC Codex - a summary of previous RFC discussions.

  • PHP Project coordination - a list of work that people either are or could be working on.

  • PHP internals links - links to how to develop PHP core/extensions.

RFC codex

This is an opinionated curated documentation of previous RFC discussions that failed to result in a successful change in PHP.

The purpose of this information is to provide to people a summary of why certain ideas failed to get done, so that future conversations can be far more productive, and avoid people continually asking "why did this feature never get done?".

The curation is opinionated. I'm not going to document some of the discussions that were had that were either for things that were a bad idea, or just so unlikely to happen that curating them isn't likely to be worth anyone's time reading them.

RFC Codex

PHP Project coordination

A non-opinionated set of information about what people either are or could be working on, related to PHP core.

This information is not opinionated - I will add information about things people could be working on, even if I don't agree with the behind the the work.

PHP Project Coordination

PHP internals links

A set of links for that contain useful information for anyone looking to develop PHP core or PHP extensions.

PHP internals

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