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# Wrapper script around Growl::GNTP to send messages to a Growl receiver if it's listening on a network interface
# Author: Dan Achim (
# Required modules
use Growl::GNTP; # This needs to be installed from CPAN
use Getopt::Long qw(:config no_ignore_case);
# Define our global variables
our ($name,$host,$port,$title,$message,$icon,$password,$help);
# Check if no arguments where given and die
if (scalar(@ARGV) == 0) { die ("No arguments where given, I don't know what to do.\nCheck out the help: (-h|--help)\n"); }
# Get the command line options and set some defaults
GetOptions ('name|n=s' => \$name,
'host|h=s' => \($host = 'localhost'),
'port|p=i' => \($port = '23053'),
'title|t=s' => \$title,
'message|m=s' => \$message,
'icon|i=s' => \$icon,
'password|P=s' => \$password,
'help|H' => \$help);
# Print the help if asked for it
if ($help) {
print "\nThis is a wrapper script to help you send a message to a Growl receiver.\n\nIt needs the following flags:\n-n|--name Name of the app or script sending the message.\n-t|--title Title of the message.\n-m|--message The message itself.\n\nThe following flags are optional:\n-h|--host Host running Growl, the receiver.Defaults to localhost.\n-p|--port The port that Growl is running on.Defaults to 23053.\n-i|--icon Icon to use when sending the message.\n-p|--password Use a password if the Growl receiver requires one.\n-h|--help Print this help\n";
exit 0
# We need at least the name of the app, title and message
if (!$name or !$title or !$message) { die("I need at least (-n|--name) of the app, (-t|--title) and (-m|--message) you want to send.\nCheck out the (-h|--help)\n"); }
# Define and send the message
my $growl = Growl::GNTP->new(
AppName => "$name",
PeerHost => "$host",
PeerPort => $port,
Password => "$password",
PasswordHashAlgorithm => "MD5",
{ Name => "$name", },
{ Enabled => "True", },
{ Icon => "$icon", },
Event => "$name",
Title => "$title",
Message => "$message",
Icon => "$icon",