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# The purpose of this script is to 1) unzip the json.gz files; 2) convert to json; and
# 3) output to a renamed file that is the projectmemberid's filetype.csv
# This was designed based on the Nightscout data source type from the Nightscout Data Trasnfer app
# This pulls profile, entries, treatments, and devicestatus data
# You can easily sub in different data $type file names in the future;
# the first for loop is for special purpose, but second for loop is the most general purpose.
#run from the folder where your OH data is downloaded to
# exit the script right away if something fails
set -eu
ls -d [0-9]* | while read dir; do
# Print the directory/folder name you're investigating
echo $dir
cd $dir/direct-sharing-31/
#unzip the relevant json file and re-name it with the directory name as a json
gzip -cd entries.json.gz > ${dir}_entries.json
# print the name of the new file, to confirm it unzipped successfully
echo ${dir}_entries.json
mkdir -p ${dir}_entries_csv
# pipe the json into csv, taking the dateString and sgv datums
cat ${dir}_entries.json | jsonv dateString,sgv > ${dir}_entries_csv/${dir}_entries.csv
#print the csv to confirm it was created
echo ${dir}_entries.csv
#if not created yet, create a copy at the $dir level for the copies of the csv to go for easier analyzing
#mkdir -p ../../EntriesCopies
# copy the csv into the top level folder
#cp ${dir}_entries.csv ~/Desktop/TestExampleDataFolderSingle/EntriesCopies/
cd ../../
# print copy done, so you know that it made it through a full cycle on a single data folder
#echo "Copy done"
ls -d [0-9]* | while read dir; do
echo "Starting participant $dir"
# This loop will unzip the PROFILE/DEVICESTATUS/TREATMENTS files; convert to json; chunk into several files if needed depending on size; and convert to csv
for type in profile treatments devicestatus; do
cd $dir/direct-sharing-31/
gzip -cd $type.json.gz > ${dir}_$type.json && echo "Extracted ${dir}_$type.json; splitting it..."
#need to chunk-ify any large files
jsonsplit ${dir}_$type.json 15000
#create a folder for the csv output to go into
mkdir -p ${dir}_${type}_csv
#json2csv program will convert from json into csv
cd ${dir}_${type}_parts
echo "Creating CSV files..."
ls *.json | while read file; do
#read json file and convert to csv
complex-json2csv $file > ../${dir}_${type}_csv/${file%.json}.csv
echo -n "=" > /dev/stderr
cd ../${dir}_${type}_csv/
echo -n "Participant $dir: $type CSV files created:"
ls *$type*.csv | wc -l
#(get out of csv and back to the rest of the data files)
cd ../../../