Ajqvue is a Java based GUI frontend for accessing data in several mainstream databases.
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   Ajqvue provides an easy to use Java based user interface frontend
for viewing, adding, editing, or deleting entries in several mainstream
databases. A query tools allows the building of complex SQL statements
and a SQL Query Bucket for saving such. The application allows easy
sorting, searching, and import/export of table data. A plug-in framework
has allowed the inclusion of tools to visually build queries, profile
and plot data for analysis.

   Dana M. Proctor
   Project Manager


   * Plugin Framework.
   * Internationalization Support.
   * Simple Easy to Use Interface.
   * User Connection Preferences Saving/Managing.
   * User Preferences Summary Table Column Selection & Sizing.
   * User Preferences Summary Table Row Sizing.
   * Access to All User Tables in Database During Session.
   * Simple and Advanced Table Sorting and Searching.
   * Summary Table State Saving/Loading.
   * Viewing, Adding, Editing, and Deleting All Table Fields.
   * Update Multiple Rows of Selected Table Field.
   * Support for Table Field Function Operations.
   * Support for All Basic Data Types, Including Blob/Bytea/Binary.
   * Data Type Checking During Adding or Updates.
   * Support for All Table Types, Including Transaction Locking.
   * Support for Flushing Privileges for User root on mysql database.
   * Printing of Summary Table Data, Screen View.
   * Export of CSV Summary or Complete Table Data.
   * Export of SQL Summary or Complete Table Structure/Data.
   * Export of PDF Summary Table.
   * Export of SQL Current Open Database/Scheme.
   * Import of SQL Statement File.
   * Import of CSV data File Into Selected Database Table via Insert/Update.
   * Query Bucket for Storing/Organizing SQL Statements.
   * Query Frame for Building Complex SQL Statements.
   * Search Frame for Running Generic LIKE Queries on All Tables in Database.
   * In Memory Data Analysis Capability


   * Microsoft® Windows 7, Vista ?, XP, 2000, 98, NT, ME, MAC?, Linux, & X-Window Environment.
   * Java Runtime Environment, JRE 1.8 or Newer.
Installation Notes:

   Ajqvue is a stand alone application. To get started download and unzip
the release file to your local hard drive using a program such as WinZip, 7-Zip,
Tar or similar compression/decompression program. Extract the Ajqvue files
to the desired location on the hard disk. On a Windows system this may be any
location, but on a Unix or Linux system it will be in the home directory of
the user. If multiple users are to access the application then consult with
the system administrator of your workstation. The likely location will be in
the /usr/local or a public directory, which all users have access to for
application execution.

Copyright (C) 2016-2017 Dana M. Proctor

This program is licensed under the GNU GPL.