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Slack Night Mode

A Stylish style for easy Slack theming. CC0.

Forked from laCour/slack-night-mode. Thanks for your excellent work, Jonathan.

The differences are that my edits use the custom font, when set, for input fields in addition to text display. I also added my preferred theme variants.


This theme requires that you use the Stylish extension for your browser (available for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari).

Further usage instructions may be found at the original project. You can search for my variants on

Black Screenshot

All themes can be built by running make (you will need SassC).

Theme Variants


Aubergine Screenshot

Tomorrow Dark (source - build)

Themed to be similar to the base palette of base16-tomorrow-dark by Chris Kempson.


Tomorrow Dark Monospaced (source - build)

Uses monospaced font families.

Tomorrow Dark Monospaced Input (source - build)

This one uses Input Sans Narrow as the font, and falls back to the standard monospaced options if it isn't available.