Connecting Android, Arduino and HM-10 Bluetooth LE modules!
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HM-10 App Test


This is my first attempt to connect Android, Bluetooth LE/4.0, Arduino and a WS2812 LED strip. It's designed for use with inexpensive HM-10 BLE/BT 4.0 modules based upon TI's CC2540.

Blue Light app is derived from Google's sample code:

Contributions and improvements are very welcome, Android development is quite new for me.

Most of this is at a proof of concept stage but I hope to develop it further!

If you would like to install the APK, it's here:


Tested on Nexus 4, Android 4.4.2


HM-10 Bluetooth LE / 4.0 module

Arduino (or compatible) microcontroller

LED Strip

Android phone with Bluetooth Low Energy support and Android 4.4