IoT push notification "Hello, World" using MQTT or PubNub
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Internet Connected Toy Animals

A "Hello, World" using push notifications to control sound and lights on an internet-connected toy animal. By popular demand it also implements 'quack backs' and will inform you when a peer has sent a message. I also reserve the right to unplug the speaker late at night :p

Visit Internet of Ducks to make an an internet connected duck quack via push notification.

What you need to make your own

  1. An internet connected embedded device (Raspberry Pi, etc) with lights and a speaker.

  2. PubNub's easy-to-use push API and SDKs. Or a MQTT broker.

  3. A homemade or re-purposed stuffed animal (instructions forthcoming).


  • Register for a PubNub account. They provide a free development Sandbox, as well as a generous platform evangelism program for students, makers, start-ups etc.

  • Or, alternatively, setup a MQTT broker. For testing and experimentation you can use a public one.

  • Purchase a Raspberry Pi, LEDs, wifi dongle and speaker.

  • Configure your application settings in js/app.js, these will vary slightly depending upon whether you use PubNub or MQTT.

	var settings = { 
		channel: 'ducks',
		pub_key: 'pub key', 
		sub_key: 'sub key',
  • Copy the /www/ folder to your web host of choice, or run on localhost with python -m SimpleHTTPServer 5000

  • Clone the repo to your Raspberry Pi and install dependencies, configure and then run

git clone
sudo apt-get install mplayer
sudo pip install pubnub
sudo python ~/quackquack/pyclient/
  • Have fun!

Possible Future Variations

  • Optimizing the physical duck.
  • Battery-operated, Bluetooth LE or Zigbee connected Arduino animals, routed by a central, Internet connected node (star topology).

Media Credits


MIT 2014