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Giphy Messages

Powered by Giphy


  1. Download and mount Giphy Messages.dmg

  2. Move the app to your Applications folder

  3. Double click to open the app

  4. Go to Messages > Preferences > AppleScript Handler and select Giphy.applescript


All the code is interpreted and exposed in Giphy with no external requirements, so it should be easy to open up the app bundle and hack however you'd like. You can open the app bundle by right clicking on Giphy and selecting Show Package Contents. If you make a change you think other users would appreciate, fork the repository and create a Pull Request!


Giphy.applescript must be copied into ~/Library/Application\ Scripts/ then selected under Messages > Preferences > AppleScript Handler.

Giphy.applescript expects and send_message.applescript to live inside the app in the /Applications directory. Change theScript in Giphy.applescript if you'd like to develop with the and send_message.applescript elsewhere.

We distribute an app since it's the easiest way to make sure we can find AppleScript doesn't have the support to make and parse web requests.

The dmg is generated with create-dmg. Follow the installation instructions there then run ./ to create Giphy Messages.dmg.

The multi-resolution dmg-background.tiff for the background of the dmg is generated with:

tiffutil -cathidpicheck assets/dmg-background.png assets/dmg-background@2x.png -out assets/dmg-background.tiff