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Docker + Node "Hello World" Example

This repository gives you a quick introduction to getting docker running with Node. It is intended for the Docker beginner.

You can adapt the same approach to other languages but I chose Node because it's what I use most often.


First, checkout this project locally and then follow these steps:

  1. Go through the Docker installation and getting started guide before you start.
  2. Install the Docker Toolbox.
  3. Start a "Quickstart Terminal" session (see the getting started guide).
  4. Build the Docker image: docker build -t hello-world .
  5. Run the image in a container: docker run -d -p 4001:4000 hello-world
  • The -d flag says to run the container in the background (daemon mode).
  • The -p flag maps port 4000 from the container to port 4001 on the docker machine.
  1. View your new container: docker ps -a
  2. Check the logs for your container: docker logs <container-id>
  3. Check the port of the container: docker port <container-id>
  4. Open the app running on the docker machine: open http://$(docker-machine ip default):4001

Notes & Tips

  • If you make changes to your application, you will need to rebuild your image and restart your container.
  • The docker-machine command controls the virtual machine that is running Docker on your machine.
  • View logs for a docker container: docker logs <container-id>
  • List the running containers: docker ps -a
  • List all local images: docker images
  • Remove an image: docker rmi <image-id>
  • Remove a container: docker rm <container-id>

Further Reading

Credits and License

Put together by Dana Woodman and released under the MIT license. Have fun!


Docker + Node "Hello World" example repo for Docker beginners.



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