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Experimenting with device camera, google cloud vision and giphy API's... for learning and fun!
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Experimenting and learning with device camera, Google Cloud Vision and Giphy API's. Working with Heroku and Firebase, using Webpack workflow and ES6 modules.

Objective: use device camera to take a picture of an object etc, submit to Cloud Vision which will analyse the image and return a description, this will be passed to Giphy which returns a... gif

A workaround for browsers which don't support getUserMedia allows use of a camera shot or local image file via a hidden file input, this route is also for "have no camera" or "camera permission denied" scenarios.

The image is passed as base64 data to a service on Heroku, the code for which is in a separate repo but looks very much like:

'use strict';// eslint-disable-line   

const http = require('http');
const gcloud = require('google-cloud')({
  keyFilename: './obfuscated.json',
  projectId: 'obfuscated',

const ipWhitelist = ['', 'http://localhost:8080', 'https://localhost:8080']; // plus my isp ip for devices testing

const vision =; 
// Choices are: faces, landmarks, labels, logos, properties, safeSearch, text - each one costs individually!
const types = ['labels'];

http.createServer((request, response) => {
  request.on('error', (err) => {
    response.statusCode = 400;
  response.on('error', (err) => {

  let validIp = false;
  const ipOrigin = request.headers.origin;
  if (ipWhitelist.indexOf(ipOrigin) > -1) {
    validIp = true;

  if (validIp && (request.url.split('?')[0]) === '/cloud-vision-ping') { // just to wake up dyno potentially a bit earlier in the ui flow (sleeps after 30min on heroku free plan)
    response.writeHead(200, { 'Content-Type': 'text/plain', 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin': ipOrigin });
    response.statusCode = 200;

  if (validIp && (request.url.split('?')[0]) === '/cloud-vision') {
    response.writeHead(200, { 'Content-Type': 'text/plain', 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin': ipOrigin });

    let imgData = '';
    request.on('data', (chunk) => {
      imgData += chunk.toString();

    request.on('end', () => {
      imgData = imgData.replace('data:image/png;base64,', '');
      const buffer = new Buffer(imgData, 'base64');
      vision.detect(buffer, types, (err, detections, apiResponse) => {
        response.write(JSON.stringify(apiResponse, null, 20));
  } else {
    response.statusCode = 404;
}).listen(process.env.PORT || 5000);

console.log('detection service now running');

This service makes the request to cloud vision with my api key and returns a list of "labelAnnotations" to the client code which then does some crude filtering and then makes the request to Giphy.


  • Scaffold and build system basics
  • Setup Google Cloud account
  • Basic POC camera acquisition
  • Initial build of image handling service on Heroku
  • POC of sending base64 image to gcloud api and getting response on client
  • Tidy up POC and, refine scaffold and build system
  • Layout 1st pass for client page, more scaffolding
  • Module refactoring
  • file input fallback for UA's with no getUserMedia
  • Service worker and caching, PWA structure
  • Screen transition basic setup, more UI
  • Scripting for camera permission
  • defaulting to back camera
  • logic for welcome view? cookie etc on homescreen launch
  • response processing logic
  • giphy api request and POC display of gif
  • about screen, options
  • refinements
  • more refinements...


  • build - build asset only, with prod config
  • serve-dev-secure - serves https in-memory with debug and HMR
  • serve-prod-secure - serves https in-memory without debug and HMR
  • release - builds assets and deploys to firebase


  • Firefox dosn't seem to want to play animated gifs after the first one returned, subsequent gifs only show first frame. (Common bug... "won't fix")
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