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See for an overview.

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Service Stack is a high-performance .NET web services platform that simplifies the development of high-performance REST (JSON, XML, JSV, HTML, MsgPack, ProtoBuf, CSV) and WCF SOAP Web Services.

Simple REST service example

This example is also available as a stand-alone integration test:

//Web Service Host Configuration
public class AppHost : AppSelfHostBase
    public AppHost() : base("TODOs Tests", typeof(Todo).Assembly) {}

    public override void Configure(Container container)
        container.Register(new TodoRepository());

//REST Resource DTO
public class Todos : IReturn<List<Todo>>
    public long[] Ids { get; set; }
    public Todos(params long[] ids)
        this.Ids = ids;

[Route("/todos", "POST")]
[Route("/todos/{Id}", "PUT")]
public class Todo : IReturn<Todo>
    public long Id { get; set; }
    public string Content { get; set; }
    public int Order { get; set; }
    public bool Done { get; set; }

public class TodosService : Service
    public TodoRepository Repository { get; set; }  //Injected by IOC

    public object Get(Todos request)
        return request.Ids.IsEmpty()
            ? Repository.GetAll()
            : Repository.GetByIds(request.Ids);

    public object Post(Todo todo)
        return Repository.Store(todo);

    public object Put(Todo todo)
        return Repository.Store(todo);

    public void Delete(Todos request)

Calling the above TODO REST service from any C#/.NET Client

//no code-gen required, can re-use above DTO's

var client = new JsonServiceClient(BaseUri);
List<Todo> all = client.Get(new Todos());           // Count = 0

var todo = client.Post(
    new Todo { Content = "New TODO", Order = 1 });  // todo.Id = 1
all = client.Get(new Todos());                      // Count = 1

todo.Content = "Updated TODO";
todo = client.Put(todo);                            // todo.Content = Updated TODO

client.Delete(new Todos(todo.Id));
all = client.Get(new Todos());                      // Count = 0

Calling the TODO REST service from jQuery

$.getJSON(baseUri + "/todos", function(todos) {
    alert(todos.length == 1);

Calling the TODO REST service from Dart JsonClient

var client = new JsonClient(baseUri);
    .then((todos) => alert(todos.length == 1)); 

That's all the application code required to create a simple REST web service.

Getting Started

Release Notes


If you have NuGet installed, the easiest way to get started is to:

Install ServiceStack via NuGet.

Latest v4+ on NuGet is a commercial release with free quotas.

Docs and Downloads for older v3 BSD releases


The Definitive list of Example Projects, Use-Cases, Demos, Starter Templates

Download published NuGet binaries without NuGet

GitHub has disabled its download feature so currently NuGet is the best way to get ServiceStack published releases. For environments that don't have NuGet installed (e.g. OSX/Linux) you can still download the published binaries by extracting them from the published NuGet packages. The url to download a nuget package is:{PackageName}/{Version}

So to get the core ServiceStack and ServiceStack.Text libs in OSX/Linux (or using gnu tools for Windows) you can just do:

wget -O ServiceStack
unzip ServiceStack 'lib/*'

wget -O ServiceStack.Text
unzip ServiceStack.Text 'lib/*'

which will download and extract the dlls into your local local lib/ folder.


Since September 2013, ServiceStack source code is available under GNU Affero General Public License/FOSS License Exception, see license.txt in the source. Alternative commercial licensing is also available, see for details.


Contributors need to approve the Contributor License Agreement before any code will be reviewed, see the Contributing wiki for more details. All contributions must include tests verifying the desired behavior.

OSS Libraries used

ServiceStack includes source code of the great libraries below for some of its core functionality. Each library is released under its respective licence:

Similar open source projects

Similar Open source .NET projects for developing or accessing web services include:

  • Nancy Fx - A Sinatra-inspired lightweight Web Framework for .NET:
  • Fubu MVC - A "Front Controller" pattern-style MVC framework designed for use in web applications built on ASP.NET:
  • Rest Sharp - An open source REST client for .NET

Find out More

Follow @ServiceStack and +ServiceStack for project updates.

Core Team


A big thanks to GitHub and all of ServiceStack's contributors:

Runs on both Mono and .NET (Live preview hosted on Mono / Ubuntu)