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head fork: danbarua/ServiceStack
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Commits on Mar 10, 2013
@pdegenhardt pdegenhardt Eliminate default member values from route query
Generating a route from a request DTO currently produces redundant
parameters for value types that are equal to their default value. This
change modifies RouteMember so that it only returns a non-null value to
be contributed to the route if the current value is not equal to that
type's default value.
Commits on Mar 11, 2013
@pdegenhardt pdegenhardt Unit tests for elimination of default route values
Tests to verify previous commit.
Commits on Mar 13, 2013
@mythz mythz Update 9a55be1
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #515 from pdegenhardt/master
Eliminate default member values from route query
Commits on Mar 14, 2013
@mythz mythz Add new DictionarySettings 9a9cedb
Commits on Mar 15, 2013
@pdegenhardt pdegenhardt Fixed name handling in OpenIdOAuthProvider
When retrieving attributes from an OpenID 2.0 source, names were not
being handled well. This change ensures that fullName explicitly uses
the first of "",
WellKnownAttributes.Name.FullName, or WellKnownAttributes.Name.Alias to
return a value. Where none of these are present but
WellKnownAttributes.Name.First and/or WellKnownAttributes.Name.Last are
provided, these will be concatenated to infer a fullName.
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #518 from pdegenhardt/master
Improve name handling from OpenID 2.0 sources
@tomaszkubacki tomaszkubacki show full datetime in html endpoint when needed 2130ad3
@JonCanning JonCanning Android and Mono build fixes 1222ff7
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #520 from JonCanning/master
Android and MonoTouch build fixes
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #516 from tomaszkubacki/patch-1
show dates with time when necessary
Commits on Mar 16, 2013
@yeurch yeurch Fix commented auth code in AppHost.cs.pp a907d42
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #522 from yeurch/nuget-host-auth
Fix commented auth code in AppHost.cs.pp
Commits on Mar 17, 2013
@mythz mythz Add PostFileToUrl overload that can upload a file to a url b0f6759
@mythz mythz Changing back to use TypeDescriptor 2f549bd
@mythz mythz Throw exceptions when Routes don't start with / or contain QueryStrin…
…g chars
@mythz mythz Change name in test 4c87338
@mythz mythz Emit correct x-protobuf in metadata instructions 72b638b
@mythz mythz fix build error 12cca58
@mythz mythz Fix invalid routes in tests, add EHC.SkipRouteValitation option 4060921
@mythz mythz Fix remaining invalid routes 321a28e
@mythz mythz turn off validation for affected tests, convert tabs to spaces e14a6d1
@mythz mythz Merge static AutoWireHelpers into Container partial extensions 5802bcd
Commits on Mar 18, 2013
@mythz mythz Added 'Dapper' suffix to Dapper APIs to avoid collisions with OrmLite 67db46f
@mythz mythz Update to use http extension methods on SS.Text 770d69a
@mythz mythz INCR to v3.9.40 1af1711
@mythz mythz Add latest OrmLite dlls 1dc5998
@mythz mythz Rename Api to ApiAttribute 90fa246
Commits on Mar 19, 2013
@mythz mythz Upgrade RazorRockstars.Console.Files to use x64 sqlite 935f130
@mythz mythz Upgrade csproj to use x64 Sqlite 7ef70e0
@mythz mythz Fix Partial Child Model Razor Bug 29f3919
@mythz mythz Add x64 Sqlite to RazorRockstars.Console.Files 60c89a9
@mythz mythz Fix Request in Partial Views. Don't escape Raw strings ac8b029
@mythz mythz remove old x32 mono-compat Sqlite from RazorConsole tests 184853a
@dsimunic dsimunic InputExtensions generate id attribute
LabelFor generates correct ID attribute based on the field name. Closes #529
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #530 from dsimunic/master
TextBoxFor generates valid id attribute and LabelFor references it
Commits on Mar 20, 2013
@mythz mythz INCR to v3.9.42 1f367a5
@mythz mythz Added test using StreamWriter f4e3b5c
@dchurchland dchurchland return message in error in Razor Partial 02a443d
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #534 from dchurchland/master
More complete message when Exception thrown on Razor Html Partial
Commits on Mar 22, 2013
@adamfowleruk adamfowleruk Initial Digest Authentication work
Added check of WWW-Authenticate header for required security method
Added code to generate a Digest response for the Authentication header
Added utility code around the above.
@adamfowleruk adamfowleruk Added support for persisting authentication requirements between requ…
…ests (E.g. nc value)
@adamfowleruk adamfowleruk Fixed type bug in split call 809988d
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #540 from adamfowleruk/master
Fix for issue #538
@adamfowleruk adamfowleruk Fixed digest issues - invalid URLs and lower case of hex values of ha…

Confirmed working against MarkLogic REST server with Digest
@adamfowleruk adamfowleruk Fix commit for webrequestutils ee54e4e
Commits on Mar 23, 2013
@adamfowleruk adamfowleruk Removed debugging log statements, added some comments 9226209
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #542 from adamfowleruk/master
Completed fix for issue #538
Commits on Mar 24, 2013
@mythz mythz Add new redis LInsert operation to interfaces 1cc9d82
@dsimunic dsimunic GetParam should not fail when name is null eddfb70
@mythz mythz Update a9af9ee
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #543 from dsimunic/eddfb7034360893b147b5289debcf98…

GetParams should not fail when `name` is null
@mythz mythz Update 9c825c9
Commits on Mar 25, 2013
Demis Added Contributor 169: @russellchadwick (Russell Chadwick) - Welcome! c18c19b
Demis Added Contributor 170: @cyberzed (Stefan Daugaard Poulsen) - Welcome! e8b4a30
Demis Added Contributor 171: @filipw (Filip Wojcieszyn) - Welcome! 660e31a
Demis Added Contributor 172: @ghuntley (Geoffrey Huntley) - Welcome! 540ad99
Demis Added Contributor 173: @baramuse - Welcome! 38014e8
Demis Added Contributor 174: @pdegenhardt (Phil Degenhardt) - Welcome! 6572820
Demis Added Contributor 175: @captncraig (Craig Peterson) - Welcome! 64de115
Demis Added Contributor 176: @abattery (Jae sung Chung) - Welcome! b8dead6
Demis Added Contributor 177: @biliktamas79 - Welcome! fd609f2
Demis Added Contributor 178: @garuma (Jérémie Laval) - Welcome! 9a66f35
Demis Added Contributor 179: @dsimunic - Welcome! 436e1f9
Demis Aded Contributor 180: @adamfowleruk (Adam Fowler) - Welcome! 6574ab6
Demis Added Contributor 181: @bfriesen (Brian Friesen) - Welcome! dffff94
Demis Added Contributor 182: @roryf (Rory Fitzpatrick) - Welcome! f840169
Demis Added Contributor 183: @stefandevo - Welcome! df66565
Demis Added Contributor 184: @gdassac - Welcome! 138da80
Demis Added Contributor 185: @Metal10k - Welcome! 691c49d
Demis Added Contributor 189: @cmelgarejo - Welcome! 93862de
Demis Added Contributor 187: @skaman - Welcome! 23d9ab1
Demis Added Contributor 188: @rossipedia (Bryan J. Ross) - Welcome! 94a4a82
Demis Added Contributor 189: @wimatihomer (Wim Pool) - Welcome! bca7862
Demis Added Contributor 190: @sword-breaker - Welcome! 20b2412
Demis Added Contributor 191: @adebisi-fa (Adebisi Foluso A.) - Welcome! 3d88703
Demis Make all github user names consistently lowercase 1f32f69
Demis Add missing contributors back f631544
@mbischoff mbischoff Fix a small error in the sample repository code.
TodoRepository.Store(): modifying an object added another copy of that object to the repository, instead of updating the existing one.
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #545 from mbischoff/master
Fix a small error in the sample repository code.
Commits on Mar 26, 2013
@Arxisos Arxisos Fixed AuthTests (integration test) 32c1740
Commits on Mar 27, 2013
@Arxisos Arxisos Corrected behavior of [RequiredRole] and [RequiredPermission]
Both didn't return a Www-authenticate header if authentication (not
authorization!) failed. (solution: inherit from [Authenticate]

Added small tweak to [Authenticate] to fully respect
@Arxisos Arxisos Fixed validation integration test f054814
@Arxisos Arxisos [Authenticate] should check req.Items for session first
+ reverted unintended change in [Authenticate]
@Arxisos Arxisos Modified DigestAuthProvider.IsAuthorized to work as singe auth provider ae4423d
@Arxisos Arxisos Added test for [Authenticate(Provider = "...")] usage 1310088
@Arxisos Arxisos Fixed ServiceStack.Common.Tests 6920fee
@Arxisos Arxisos Enabled modification of default authentication failure behavior when …
…used in MVC controller
@ivanfioravanti ivanfioravanti Fixed WinRT Build
MD5 WinRT implementation added with NETFX_CORE directive and Lik to
="..\servicestack.common\extensions\ReflectionExtensions.cs removed
because no more available
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #550 from ivanfioravanti/master
Fixed WinRT build
@pdegenhardt pdegenhardt Ensure default values are included in explicit routes
Address the issue identified in where routes would not be
matched when default values of primitive types were used.

Added a unit test to reflect the expected behaviour.
@pdegenhardt pdegenhardt Added default excludeDefaults = false c85fe30
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #552 from pdegenhardt/master
Ensure default values are included in explicit routes
Commits on Mar 28, 2013
Keith Hassen Response should be 204 No Content for void methods by default. Use en…
…dpoint configuration settings.
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #553 from inhibition/return-204-on-void-method
Response should be 204 No Content for void methods.
@mythz mythz Fix broken razor tests 2b06981
@desunit desunit added regression test to be sure that ValidationFeature can be called…
… twice without problem
Commits on Mar 29, 2013
@mythz mythz Fix broken razor test 9c2dc86
@ivanfioravanti ivanfioravanti Swagger Operations ordered by path d380fa4
@desunit desunit Merge pull request #556 from ivanfioravanti/master
Swagger Operations in random order
Commits on Mar 31, 2013
@mythz mythz fix for sessions in MVC see: 74efc24
@dsimunic dsimunic Ignore exceptions from template compilation on background threads. Fi…
…xes #546
@mythz mythz Merge pull request #557 from dsimunic/fix-546
Ignore exceptions from template compilation on background threads
Commits on Apr 01, 2013
@mythz mythz INCR to v3.9.43 29cdd0a
@mythz mythz Added svg mime-type to list of allowed file extensions 9cd3c11
@mythz mythz add correct svg mimetype 25dd81d