Spoofs placeholders in browsers that don't support them. (eg Firefox 3)
Latest commit 73f4d1e Jul 5, 2011 @scarlac scarlac committed with jQuery 1.3 support and fix for onblur not clearing field
The function event map isn't available in jq 1.3, so change it to a chain. The field should be considered unchanged if the value is empty, so the placeholder will appear, and vice versa.


placeholder--a jQuery plugin by Dan Bentley

placeholder is a jQuery plugin/polyfill by Dan Bentley. It provides support for the new placeholder="" HTML5 form attribute in browsers that don't natively support it (IE et al). It features UI and behaviour additions by Harry Roberts.

It is licensed under the Apache 2 license and is Copyright 2011 Dan Bentley


Twitter: @dan_bentley

GitHub: github.com/danbentley


Twitter: @csswizardry

URL: csswizardry.com