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Build WordCram

...for your own devious purposes.

Warning! These directions have been rattled off from memory, so if something doesn't work, send me a note at wordcram at gmail.


You'll need:

  • git
  • bundler & rake
  • Processing

Get the source

git clone wordcram

Build WordCram

  1. Rename build.json.example to build.json, and change the processing.sketchFolder variable to point to your Processing sketch folder. (It's used in the publish.local task, which builds WordCram and updates your Processing installation, so you can test out your changes quickly.)

  2. cd into your WordCram directory (trust the .rvmrc, if you're using rvm), and run:

gem install bundler
bundle install

This will install rake for you, so you can build WordCram. (And also aws-sdk, for publishing WordCram releases, but I'm not giving out the keys anytime soon.)

  1. Run rake. This will create a build directory, compile the code, run a few unit tests, and build a wordcram.jar for you under build/p5lib/WordCram/library.

All together

It should be something like this:

git clone wordcram
cd wordcram
cp build.json.example build.json
vim build.json # set 'processing.sketchFolder' to your sketch folder's path
gem install bundler
bundle install

When you're ready to try your new WordCram in a Processing sketch:

rake publish.local

That should be it! Let me know at wordcram at gmail if you have any problems.