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Install WordCram (super easy)

WordCram installs like any normal Processing library -- just download, unzip, and copy it into the "libraries" folder.


  • Make sure you have Processing installed and working on your computer -- version 1.0 or greater should be fine.

  • Download and unzip WordCram.

  • Open your Processing sketchbook folder, where all your sketches are saved. If you don't know where your Processing sketchbook folder is, open Processing, and in File > Preferences, look for "Sketchbook folder".

  • In your Processing sketchbook folder, there should be a folder named libraries. Copy the WordCram folder into it.

  • Restart Processing.

WordCram is installed!

Run a Sample WordCram

  • In Processing, open File > Sketchbook > libraries > WordCram, and run the 'helloWorld' example.
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