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from werkzeug import exceptions, routing, utils, wrappers
class Website():
def __init__(self, template_manager, email_auth, sender):
self.template_manager = template_manager
self.email_auth = email_auth
self.sender = sender
self.url_map = routing.Map([
routing.Rule('/', endpoint='home'),
routing.Rule('/email', methods=('POST',), endpoint='email'),
def on_home(self, request, email):
return self.render_template('home.html', values=
'email': email,
'sent': 'sent' in request.args,
def on_email(self, request, email):
code = self.email_auth.generate_code(request.form['email'])
email_html = self.render_template('email.html', auto_login_code=code)
if self.sender:
request.form['email'], email_html.get_data(as_text=True)
return utils.redirect('/?sent=1')
return email_html
def dispatch_request(self, request):
adapter = self.url_map.bind_to_environ(request.environ)
endpoint, values = adapter.match()
except exceptions.NotFound:
return wrappers.Response('Not Found', status=404)
# Look for our special auto_login_code in the URL. If there,
# attempt to automatically log in
email = None
if 'auto_login_code' in request.args:
email = self.email_auth.validate_code(
return getattr(self, 'on_' + endpoint)(request, email, **values)
def render_template(self, template, values=None, auto_login_code=None):
return wrappers.Response(
template, values=values, auto_login_code=auto_login_code
def __call__(self, environ, start_response):
request = wrappers.Request(environ)
response = self.dispatch_request(request)
return response(environ, start_response)