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Using Github Codespaces

To launch a Danbooru instance in your browser:

  1. Create a Github account.
  2. Click Open in Github Codespaces.
  3. Click the Create new codespace button.
  4. Wait a few minutes for it to launch.

When it's done, you'll have a new Danbooru instance with a full development environment running in your browser. This way you can try out Danbooru without installing anything on your computer.

See the Codespaces section in the Docker Guide to learn more.

Using Docker

Run this to start a Danbooru instance:

sh -c "$(curl -sSL"

This will install Docker Compose and start Danbooru. When it's done, Danbooru will be running at http://localhost:3000.

Alternatively, if you already have Docker Compose installed, you can do:

git clone
cd danbooru
touch .env.local config/danbooru_local_config.rb
sudo docker compose up

When you're done, you can run the following to delete everything:

sudo docker compose down --volumes # Delete all data and images in your Danbooru instance.
sudo docker image prune            # Clean up all unused Docker images.
rm -rf ~/danbooru                  # Delete the Danbooru code.


See the Docker Guide for more information on running Danbooru using Docker. This is the recommended way to run Danbooru.

Alternatively, you may use the Manual Installation Guide to install Danbooru without Docker. Manual installation is much more difficult than using Docker, and therefore is not recommended or officially supported.

For help, ask in the #technical channel on the Danbooru Discord, or in the discussions area on Github.


Danboou depends on a couple of cloud services and several microservices to implement certain features.

Amazon Web Services

The following features require an Amazon AWS account:

  • Pool history
  • Post history

Google APIs

The following features require a Google Cloud account:

  • BigQuery database export

IQDB Service

IQDB integration is delegated to the IQDB service.

Archive Service

In order to access pool and post histories you will need to install and configure the Archives service.

Reportbooru Service

The following features are delegated to the Reportbooru service:

  • Post views
  • Missed searches report
  • Popular searches report

Recommender Service

Post recommendations require the Recommender service.