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(ns shipper.core
(:require [mount.core :refer [defstate]]
[ :refer [listener stop-listener]]
[shipper.postal :refer [go-postal]]
[shipper.warehouse :refer [ready-to-ship]]
[shipper.conf :refer [config]]))
;; "db" and "emailer" in reality will be defined somewhere else
;; at the edges of the application
(defstate db
:start (atom {}) ;; i.e. (create-conn config)
:stop (reset! db {})) ;; i.e. (disconnect db)
;; emulating emailer.. e.g. mailgun, postal, etc..
(defstate emailer
:start (fn [{:keys [to subject body] :as email}]
{:sent-email email}))
;; ---------------------------------
(defn notify-customer [to order-num]
(let [sent (emailer {:to ""
:subject (str "Order #" order-num " is ready to ship!")
:body "Dear Luke S., ... Respect, Darth V."})]
(swap! db assoc order-num {:email sent
:status :ready-to-ship}))) ;; in reality it will be a :status update/conj/etc.
(defstate notifier
:start (listener (partial notify-customer go-postal)
:stop (stop-listener notifier))