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#ManyMaya A fast and light-weight wrapper for Autodesk Maya's standalone extension. ManyMaya leverages the multiprocessing module to run maya.standalone instances concurrently.

##An example Delete attributes from all maya files in a directory.

import manymaya
import maya.cmds as cmds

# Decorate the function you'd like to run in each maya instance.
def delete_attributes(filepath):
    cmds.file(filepath, open=True, force=True)
    for node in
        attr = node + '.userattr'
        if cmds.objExists(attr):
    cmds.file(save=True, force=True)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # Find some files to work on
    maya_files = manymaya.find('path/to/search')
    # Start instances and run delete_attributes on each file.
    manymaya.start(maya_files, delete_attributes)

###API As you can see ManyMaya is very easy to use. Simply decorate a function that takes a single argument, filepath, then call manymaya.start with a list of filepaths and the decorated function as arguments.

####manymaya.instance A decorator that wraps your function inside a maya.standalone instance. Every function you decorate with instance, must have a filepath argument.

####manymaya.start(file_list, fn, processes=4, verbose=False) Creates a multiprocessing Queue and runs several worker processes to pull from it. Must be called in the if name == "main" block.

  • file_list: List of files to process.
  • fn: Target function.
  • processes: Number of processes to run concurrently. (optional)
  • verbose: Print verbose output(Set logging level to INFO). (optional)

####manymaya.find(inside, exts=['ma', 'mb'], subdirs=True): Search a specified directory for Maya compatible files. Returns a list of filepaths for use with manymaya.start().

  • inside: Path to search.
  • exts: Extensions of files to include in returned list. (optional)
  • subdirs: Search inside subdirs. (optional)

####manymaya.log(message, level="INFO"): Fluff...Exists only to shorten logging calls.

  • message: Message to log.
  • level: Level at which to log message. (optional) - "DEBUG", "INFO", "WARNING", "ERROR", "CRITICAL"

##Benchmarks I ran two benchmarks. Creating 2000 new files and Modifying 2000 existing files.

Processes Creation Modification
1 20.77719979 39.3076550027
2 12.1300766695 21.6971742295
3 8.53386258099 15.0104674404
4 6.77421072293 11.8595186503


git clone
cd manymaya
python install

###Running ManyMaya Scripts The best way to run a script utilizing ManyMaya is to execute it with mayapy, located in your Maya's bin path. You may want to add Maya's bin folder to your environment path to ease the use of calling mayapy.

mayapy path/to/my/
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